About the Needles

Each Dancing Leaves kit contains a small colored folder with three needles taped inside.  There are two size 10 needles and one size 12.  Use the size 12 needle (the smaller one) when you want to work with the size 15’s, or with the Czech beads if your kit contains some.  All three of your needles have been “decapitated” for you – we cut the sharp points off.  This makes it easier to avoid catching and splitting the thread.

Don’t worry if your needle ends up looking a bit twisted.  You can straighten them out several times, if the curves make it harder to work with.  Most of us end up with “noodle needles” eventually, and keep using them till the bitter end.  Even when one breaks in half, you can use it to weave in tail threads.

About the Beads

Each Dancing Leaves kit contains one packet of 7 colors of size 11 round seed beads, labeled 1 through 7.  Most are Japanese, made by either Miyuki, Matsuno, or Toho.  Some kits contain vintage (late 1960’s) Czech seed beads, which may still be on thread.  Czech beads tend to have smaller holes, so if some of these look especially small, or the needle doesn’t fit, either throw them away or save them for another project or a leaf.  We have included enough beads to make the lariat nearly 40” long, so you should be in no danger of running out.

 The other bead packet contains several different sizes and shapes of seed beads, from 15 rounds or hex beads to size 8 triangles and 6 rounds.  Separate the larger beads (especially drops) to be used as accents on the leaves.  You may also want to use the 15’s as accents as well, the choice is yours.   You don’t have to use all of the colors if you don’t like some, and feel free to mix in any others that you have.  There are also packets with more of the 11 round beads used in the lariat, in case you want to mix them to make a really big leaf.


Sorry for screaming, but it’s JUST SO EXCITING!!!!

The classes are all full, but the vendor area is open to anybody who pays the $2.00 admission charge, ($5 for the whole weekend) and that works out to less than a dime per vendor, I think.  And it’s not just yarn, Knitting Lagniappe has wonderful ceramics, and there was a wonderful handmade basket vendor last year.  And the booth with the little travelling project bags that were all SO FANTASTIC that they completely sold out of inventory on the first day and had to stay up all night making more, just so they would be able to take orders.  (Yes, they were THAT cool! and would work for beading as well as they do for knitting.)  They will be back.

Many of the vendors are local but not all, and most of the farms don’t really have a storefront where you can just walk up some afternoon and squeeze yarn, so this is a great showcase, and a chance to meet a lot of the local knitting store owners too.

We will be in a slightly different spot this year, more toward the center row, off to the left as you walk in the main door.  You’ll hear the noise of the Giant Bead Bowl being sifted through, I’m sure.

And we will have all of the colors of our new Dancing Leaves kits, along with our Tila and Triangle kits.  We have two new Limited Edition triangle kits for this summer, too – Lizzie’s Ray of Sunshine and Michell’s Pacific Coast!  Both are perfect for blue jeans, hot days, and relaxing in the shade.

AND we bought a MBT of size 8 and 6 round seed beads for the Betsy Beads book!  They are (say it in that voice, now!) “***FABULOUS!!!!***” (Tried to get the book too, I guess you all got there first.  Dangit.)  And a lot of other wonderful colors for everything else!  We’ll have those with us, and lots of beading supplies, looms, and fun!

Come see us!  But don’t go down the close-to-the-airport 121 way, that leads to undue traffic stress.  From North Dallas, come down 121 to the Highway 26 exit, follow that till N Main Street in Grapevine, go South (left) until you are just a couple of blocks away from 121/114, and look for the Library/Convenvention center on the left.

I got yer pyrite

We spent all day Thursday at one show, but we have to go back today because we only made it partway through the second tent. But look at this!


And check out these pendants! Awesome they are! (sorry, Star Wars previews make me channel Yoda)



Pendants out the Wazoo!

Did you see those pictures of mounds of gemstones yesterday? Yep. We bought all that, and more. Beautiful labradorite and moonstones, garnets, peridot, tanzanite, and more moonstone. Even lemon quartz leaves that scream Springtime!

And then we got pendants from three new sources, fun new styles with stones to match the beautimous strands.

And we were so tired that we couldn’t get decent pictures of them, we brought no light box and they are too shiny. Oops sorry wefelreallybadaboutthat, you know. But now we have to get ready to take on today’s show.

We have the wish lists, and many things are already checked off. Except the one that says “Lizzie wants to come with” – trust me Lizzie, the only room left in the truck is the bed under the cover, and not much even there.

Thanks Deb, for the hourly regular updates on the Cutest Puppy in the Galaxy, which is being Professionally Adorable at the FTW store.

Delicious chaiiinzzz…

Shopped the first show. Got awesome brass, fantastic magnetic clasps, margaritas for lunch, and lots of fabbu chain!

All together now, arms straight out front, walk stiff-legged and moan:




Also fabulous raku birdies, but I want breakfast now.

We made it to Deming NM

After an agonizing farewell in Fort Worth (due to Mary leaving The Cutest Puppy in the Galaxy) we drove west. Dust storms may still exist, but I don’t feel any certainty that breakfast does anywhere close.