We are getting all wound up for Tucson again

And this year most of the updates will be on Facebook. Not here on the blog first.

Because I’m a masochist and love doing things 5 times screaming “WHY??? You dealt with its yesterday!!!” No, that sounds bad.

Because we are on the cutting edge, I tell you!! Naaahh. Nobody really believes that I can say that with a straight face.

Because Lindsay told me to. OK, perfectly true.

We leave next Monday.

I got yer pyrite

We spent all day Thursday at one show, but we have to go back today because we only made it partway through the second tent. But look at this!


And check out these pendants! Awesome they are! (sorry, Star Wars previews make me channel Yoda)



Pendants out the Wazoo!

Did you see those pictures of mounds of gemstones yesterday? Yep. We bought all that, and more. Beautiful labradorite and moonstones, garnets, peridot, tanzanite, and more moonstone. Even lemon quartz leaves that scream Springtime!

And then we got pendants from three new sources, fun new styles with stones to match the beautimous strands.

And we were so tired that we couldn’t get decent pictures of them, we brought no light box and they are too shiny. Oops sorry wefelreallybadaboutthat, you know. But now we have to get ready to take on today’s show.

We have the wish lists, and many things are already checked off. Except the one that says “Lizzie wants to come with” – trust me Lizzie, the only room left in the truck is the bed under the cover, and not much even there.

Thanks Deb, for the hourly regular updates on the Cutest Puppy in the Galaxy, which is being Professionally Adorable at the FTW store.

Delicious chaiiinzzz…

Shopped the first show. Got awesome brass, fantastic magnetic clasps, margaritas for lunch, and lots of fabbu chain!

All together now, arms straight out front, walk stiff-legged and moan:




Also fabulous raku birdies, but I want breakfast now.

We made it to Deming NM

After an agonizing farewell in Fort Worth (due to Mary leaving The Cutest Puppy in the Galaxy) we drove west. Dust storms may still exist, but I don’t feel any certainty that breakfast does anywhere close.


Happy Weekend!

Be sure to check in here or on Facebook next week! We leave Monday for out annual Tucson Shopping Extravaganza!

The weather is supposed to be much more reasonable than the great Arizona Ice Age of 2011, and we are ready to shop till our feet swell and out backs cramp up!

I need to go pack now…

Carrollton Preview 2011 is History!

But we still have some lovely stuff left, just a teensy bit.  Well, more than a teensy bit, it’s a lot of awsomeness.  I think the huge green amethysts are gone, though.

And today, Friday February 18th, is  Tucson Preview 2011 at the Fort Worth store!  If you didn’t get enough of the stone trunk show (we really did have our own personal bead show in tha back room, didn’t we?  It took us over an hour to load it all back into the boxes and on the truck!) you can catch it one more day in Fort Worth.

Hm.  I am having a serious problem being coherent.  I think I just might be a teensy bit tired, maybe…  zzzzz… 

No!  Must have more coffee, so we can have fun all over again in Fort Worth!!! 

See you there!    The show is 3PM – 9PM, and there’s no possibility of running out of beads and closing early.  Really.  Couldn’t happen.   But get there early for the Best Selection!

Tucson Preview is This WEEK!!

Yes, our annual better-than-a-bead-show Tucson Preview nights have been extended this year into Tucson Preview days, with a stone beads trunk show thrown in!

The Carrollton store is starting this year’s festivities at 3:00 this Thursday afternoon, the 17th, and the party goes on till we are either out of beads or 9:00PM, whichever comes first. 

Then the next day, Friday the 18th, it happens in Fort Worth – 3:00 till 9:00.  (Or earlier, if we run out of beads.)  (OK, that’s really not likely, that we could actually run out of beads.  But possible, along the lines of infinite numbers of monkeys writing Hamlet is possible.)

With our usual tasty snacks, wine and cheese, it’s a party you Don’t want to Miss! 

Check out our Facebook pages (The Artful Bead in Carrollton and The Artful Bead in Fort Worth) for pictures and up-to-the-minute news!

(Sorry, no pictures here, I have to get to the store and keep pricing new stuff for Thursday!)