Pendants out the Wazoo!

Did you see those pictures of mounds of gemstones yesterday? Yep. We bought all that, and more. Beautiful labradorite and moonstones, garnets, peridot, tanzanite, and more moonstone. Even lemon quartz leaves that scream Springtime!

And then we got pendants from three new sources, fun new styles with stones to match the beautimous strands.

And we were so tired that we couldn’t get decent pictures of them, we brought no light box and they are too shiny. Oops sorry wefelreallybadaboutthat, you know. But now we have to get ready to take on today’s show.

We have the wish lists, and many things are already checked off. Except the one that says “Lizzie wants to come with” – trust me Lizzie, the only room left in the truck is the bed under the cover, and not much even there.

Thanks Deb, for the hourly regular updates on the Cutest Puppy in the Galaxy, which is being Professionally Adorable at the FTW store.

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