Happy Weekend!

Be sure to check in here or on Facebook next week! We leave Monday for out annual Tucson Shopping Extravaganza!

The weather is supposed to be much more reasonable than the great Arizona Ice Age of 2011, and we are ready to shop till our feet swell and out backs cramp up!

I need to go pack now…

Happy Black Friday!

We hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving, we sure did!

And continuing our Artful Bead tradition, we open today at the magnificently civilized hour of 10:00 AM. None of that silly up at the crack of dawn (or midnight) for us!

We are having a lovely sale all weekend, so come see us and shop and relax and maybe have a cup of tea. Of course, we Always have chocolate!

This weekend the Carrollton store turns 3

Yes, it’s our birthday again. And we tried for three weeks to come up with a fun and exciting theme. Some games with prizes, all that.

And failed. Miserably. Because it is TOO DANG HOT!!! Honestly, a full month of days over one hundred degrees??

So that’s our theme – “Too dang hot to have a birthday party” party. We’ll have cake and ice cream on Saturday, but that’s about all we can pull off. And to make it easy on us and you, all stone, pearl, and glass strands are 25% off from Friday through Sunday. Including case strands.

Excuse me a second. I’m going to Tom Thumb to stand in the frozen food section holding the door open for a bit.

Ps. (ignore the way my shirt is sticking to me. Thanks. )

Pss. I forgot about the special “deal” strands that we got yesterday. They aren’t included in the sale. Sorry. Hot no brains worky.

Knitting Lagniappe will be at the Carrollton Store

Yes, it’s a really really big weekend in Carrollton.  Trunk shows from Friday through Sunday!  Two COMPLETELY different trunk shows, no less!

Saturday and Sunday, it’s  the fabulous ceramics of Knitting Lagniappe coming to show off!  Scroll down a few days and check out the pictures – too cool for words!  And not just beads, but buttons, bowls, coffee mugs!

Fantastic gifts for all your beady friends! And without that difficult “zone of anguish” that giving away beads often makes us cross.*

So skip the drama, come in this weekend and get Christmas / birthday / anniversary shopping DONE!  Only at the Artful Bead in Carrollton, though.

And grab a bunch of the amazing buttons, beads, bowls, and mugs for yourself – after all, it’s hot out there, you deserve a treat.

And we have chocolate and lots of air conditioning.  (Really, the mailman always complains that it’s too cold in the store.)  And we can get more chocolate if we start to run out.

Come in and see us this weekend – Saturday 10 – 6 and Sunday noon till 5.

*You know what I mean – if they are really totally awesome beads, you really want to keep them for yourself.  And if they’re not really awesome beads, you know they’re not good enough for a friend like that.

Just Not Possible

No matter how hard you try, technology reaches out and smacks you in the face.  You think you’ve checked everything it can possibly slap you with, only to find that it isn’t true – it can ALWAYS find something to prove that you are Unworthy and Inept.

So sorry that the Facebook link to the Fort Worth Artful Bead failed.  And now, doing this on my phone, it isn’t obvious how I attach one here.

So Please Please Please search for Artful Bead Fort Worth on Facebook, and it will take you right to the correct place.


(For the record, that “fish slapping” skit from Monty Python keeps running through my head.  With the two guys in the tropical army uniforms (with shorts) dancing toward each other and wallopping with the fish – yes, that one.)

Slight correction to Stone Trunk Show times

Sorry, but in my excitement about having TWO completely different trunk shows on one weekend in Carrollton, we had a slight communication glitch.  A Glitch in Communications between Fort Worth and Carrollton.  Yep, that’s what it was.  A glitch.*

The Official Trunk Show Times are as follows:

Carrollton:  Friday July 22nd 4:00PM – 9:00PM

Fort Worth:  Saturday July 23rd 9:00AM – 2:00PM

OK?  Thank you for reading this!

* Yes, that is exactly what it was.  Or a “mis-remember” issue.  Not my fault, and actually it could’ve been predicted.  Mary called me 7 weeks ago and told me the dates and times.  Before she hung up she said “got that?” which is Mary-to-Val speak for “you WILL be writing this down right this minute, won’t you?” but which in Val-from-Mary speak is interpreted as “you do acknowledge that English words came out of my mouth, right?”

So I didn’t write it down then, and when I had to actually give the times to people for making schedules and flyers, I remembered the times slightly incorrectly.

But, in my defense, I offer the following:

1.  SEVEN weeks?  Anything shoved at me that is for 7 weeks away goes onto the long-term currently-Somebody-Else’s-Problem stack until it gets 3 or 4 weeks closer.  This is known.

2.  Numbers are not something I remember well.  Never have.  I have always had to ask my sons what year they were born, because nobody will let you put “The Summer of Watergate Hearings” on an official form as the year.  This is also known.

3.  I did manage to remember that we are having a stone trunk show.  And the very next day the totally cool Knitting Lagniappe ceramics trunk show!  I deserve a little credit here!

Sorry, I had the times wrong!  But come see us this weekend, I promise it’ll be TOTALLY worth it!

Trunk show madness!!

The weekend of July 22nd and 23rd is going to be Packed with great beads!

Starting at 5:00 on Friday the 22nd, our fantastic favorite stone vendor, Toyo, will be in the Carrollton store for One Evening Only! Then on Saturday, he takes it all to Fort Worth, and then goes back home on Sunday. So you have a brief chance to see his beautimous stone beads of all kinds! And to buy, of course.

And to keep the party going in Carrollton while they do their stone trunk show, we will have Another Trunk Show! Sony Hartley of Knitting Lagniappe will be here with wonderful handmade ceramic beads, mugs, buttons, and they are all totally awesome and cool!!

And when I figure out how to get pictures from my phone into here, you’ll see!

Here goes!



Our Favorite Holiday is here Again!!

Do you realize what Thursday is? It’s May 5th! Or, in the preferred language of the holiday, it’s Cinco de Mayo! Which is the best-ever, our most favorite-est holiday of the whole year!!! (except for Halloween, but that’s a Completely different type of holiday, on a “whole ‘nother level” as they say in the Hill Country.)

But we were talking about Cinco de Mayo. And why we love it so.

Because the Texas State Legislature passed the Cross-Cultural Holiday Appreciation Act of 1982, that makes it a Requirement that “all adults who are within the borders of Texas on May 5th” have to eat nachos, guacamole, and tortilla chips, and they Must consume at least one margarita. (in extreme circumstances, Dos Equis beer may be substituted.)

Really!! It’s a LAW, and we should try our best to obey The Law, you know.

(what? Oh for Pity’s sake, how can you never have heard of that? I swear it’s real, I saw it on wakypedia. Or somewhere like that. YES, I did so!) (*sniff*)

(oh, ok. Fine. Who the heck cares if the stupid law is made up. Are you going to pass up a fabulous holiday because it’s legal to ignore it? I believe that is Tacky. TACKY, do you hear?)

So we will be celebrating in Carrollton with most if the requirements, and maybe we’ll have to run across the parking lot for happy hour, since we don’t have a blender.

Come celebrate, because we are also celebrating Lindsay’s birthday. And we might have a surprise sale. Maybe. Probably.

Because it’s Cinco de Mayo!!!

(don’t we need queso too? Someone needs to pick that up in the morning, ok?)