About the Beads

Each Dancing Leaves kit contains one packet of 7 colors of size 11 round seed beads, labeled 1 through 7.  Most are Japanese, made by either Miyuki, Matsuno, or Toho.  Some kits contain vintage (late 1960’s) Czech seed beads, which may still be on thread.  Czech beads tend to have smaller holes, so if some of these look especially small, or the needle doesn’t fit, either throw them away or save them for another project or a leaf.  We have included enough beads to make the lariat nearly 40” long, so you should be in no danger of running out.

 The other bead packet contains several different sizes and shapes of seed beads, from 15 rounds or hex beads to size 8 triangles and 6 rounds.  Separate the larger beads (especially drops) to be used as accents on the leaves.  You may also want to use the 15’s as accents as well, the choice is yours.   You don’t have to use all of the colors if you don’t like some, and feel free to mix in any others that you have.  There are also packets with more of the 11 round beads used in the lariat, in case you want to mix them to make a really big leaf.

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