Sunspots Reversible Bracelet

Taught by Regina

Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials to be purchased: (56) 4×6 Saucer crystals, (56) 3mm Swarovski bicones (color A), (56) 3mm Swarovski bicones (color B), 11º seed beads (2 colors), Button, 2 #12 Beading needles, and Fireline

Vintage Czech Seed Beads!!!

First, take a look:

Just look at these colors
Just look at these colors
Vintage Czech seed beads
Vintage Czech seed beads

OK Campers – do you SEE those colors???  These babies are Czech seed beads (look like 10’s and 11’s) made for the Walbead company in the 1960’s, in ORIGINAL PACKAGING.  Walbeads did a lot of French beaded flower kits and books.  So we have a lot of nice flower colors. 

We looked online for other vintage beads like these, but we couldn’t find a thing as wonderful.  They have been sitting in a box in a warehouse for nearly 40 years.  The cards are mostly in perfect shape.  The beads are wonderful colors, bright shades and some wonderful color-lined greens and pinks that we haven’t ever seen anywhere else.   Oranges and yellows – just LOOK at them!!!!  (sorry, drooled)

And it was awfully hard, but after a lot of agonizing reflection we finally realized that the Bead Goddess would smack us down hard if we kept them all to ourselves.   We can’t hoard them, we can’t pretend nobody else would love them, we have to let them go to their Forever Homes. 

So we split them between the two stores – half to Fort Worth, half to Carrollton (the pictures are of the Carrollton share – yes, that’s all there is.)  And we’re selling them for the unbelievable price of $6.00 a hank.

If you have a Thing for vintage seed beads, or if you just love beautiful beads, come in soon!!