This weekend the Carrollton store turns 3

Yes, it’s our birthday again. And we tried for three weeks to come up with a fun and exciting theme. Some games with prizes, all that.

And failed. Miserably. Because it is TOO DANG HOT!!! Honestly, a full month of days over one hundred degrees??

So that’s our theme – “Too dang hot to have a birthday party” party. We’ll have cake and ice cream on Saturday, but that’s about all we can pull off. And to make it easy on us and you, all stone, pearl, and glass strands are 25% off from Friday through Sunday. Including case strands.

Excuse me a second. I’m going to Tom Thumb to stand in the frozen food section holding the door open for a bit.

Ps. (ignore the way my shirt is sticking to me. Thanks. )

Pss. I forgot about the special “deal” strands that we got yesterday. They aren’t included in the sale. Sorry. Hot no brains worky.

We’re Soggy but Celebrating Anyway!!

The rain ended our plans for the tent in the parking lot for games and excitement, so we just moved it inside!!  We’re decorated to our eyebrows, and the cake is delicious!!

Ready for the party
Ready for the party
Carol and Lizzie
Carol and Lizzie
See?  Cakes!
See? Cakes!

And our newest staff member Lindsay!  You HAVE to come say Hi to Lindsay, really you do.

So come join the fun – till 7 on Saturday (8/1) and noon – 5 on Sunday!

Birthday Coming Up!!!

Yes, it’s a BIG birthday coming up this weekend!!  Artful Bead in Carrollton is ONE year old on Saturday, August 1st!!

And we’re throwing a party and inviting you!  All day Saturday we’ll have cake and balloons and games with Prizes!!!  Cool and fun prizes like discount coupons and beads! 

And best of all?  You don’t have to bring a present – just show up and have fun and save money buying the most beautiful beads anywhere!  We’re giving everybody 25% off their entire purchase!  (Except books and classes, sorry.)

The Artful Bead Birthday Sale for the Carrollton store is this weekend – Friday and Saturday from 10 – 7   Yep, all day long both days.  And then on Sunday from noon till 5 too!  

And of course the Artful Bead in Fort Worth is celebrating right along with us, Friday and Saturday from 10 – 6, with the same sale prices, but no games, or balloons, or cake.  Well, maybe we’ll have cake.  (I saw it in a movie – “Cake good.”  Right?  Or was it one of my boys?) 

So get in here, and join the party!!!

So Sorry!!!!!

OK, we promised not to inundate your mailbox with junk and then we send  three copies of the email the other night to everyone.  I don’t understand what happened with that newsletter email.  I have NO idea why it decided to send itself 3 times.  Yes, I was eating dinner, and no, I wasn’t potted.  (Only half a glass of wine before that, really.  REALLY, only a half.)  And it did take it an awfully long time to get moving, but my laptop isn’t exactly speedy.  (It’s a Dino 300, powered by burning triceratops droppings, the same kind Fred Flintstone had, I think.  Maybe the same one he had, really.)  But still, three copies??!!???  Think of all the electrons I wasted!!!
Please accept our heartfelt apologies.
Don’t forget, we’re doing different things on sale each day, so you have to come in to see what’s on sale!