Sorry about yesterday…

I was so tired yesterday that it was impossible to type after the show.  Really.

We finally finished show 2 and then flew through show #3.  Friday was Pendant day, and Funky Clasp day.  We got some killer pendants, including some wonderful multi-stone ones that had us squealing when we picked up a particularly fabbu one.  And we got sterling geckos  (Chris, please tell me how to spell that.  This dictionary doesn’t seem to have it.)  adrdoable fat-toed lizard pendants.  We got Hill Tribe and Sterling beads in wonderful styles. 

We got pearls, we went nuts on the coin pearls.  See?  (sorry about the flash)

Coin Pearls

Today we’re looking for more chain and another surprise.

Our hands look like goats chew on them at night, our feet are swollen, and whenever we lean over we make noises like my grampa.  Or Marys grampa. 

We saw purple cactus again.  They look like this:

Purple Cactus

No, really, they are that color.  This one is a bit pale, but it was the only one I could get close enough to. 

In a few minutes we start loading the car, because we have to check out of the room, and there isn’t any other safe place for 13 boxes of rather expensive rocks and metal.  Then we’ll eat our Breakfast at our favorite place, shop one last show, (although a show’s first day on a Saturday is NOT a fun thing to do) and then head back.