Glass sale!!!

This weekend, September 11th through 13th, both Artful Bead stores are having a huge glass sale.  “Huge” as in 20% off all glass strands and singles, including the brand new fabulosities.

New Glass Strands 1

And there are a LOT of new pretties, including adorable small daggers, new colors of lentils, and pinch beads.  A whole big bunch of new glass, enough to stuff the walls to the gills.  An official Boat Load of glass.  See?

Czech Glass 2

That’s just the part that can’t be shoved somewhere on the wall in Carrollton.  Here are the adorable daggers.

Teeny Daggers!

Lookit that, there are even Real Heavens-to-Betsy Halloween Orange daggers.  And Fort Worth has equally cool wonderful  new glass specialness.  But Carrollton has a bit more.  Because of Another Accident.  (Referring to the “You-Spent-One-Third-Of-Our-Budget-ON-GLASS!?!?!??” incident last year in Tucson.)  Another “you spent WHAT?” followed closely by “Are You OUT OF YOUR TEENSY ICKLE MIND?” and a chorus of “Where are we supposed to put all of this?” 

You know what?  It has been nearly too much, all of this drama surrounding so many new Beautiful Czech glass beads.  Too much bead fumes, words no more worky for exhausted BH, you know?  See you soon.