So Sorry!!!!!

OK, we promised not to inundate your mailbox with junk and then we send  three copies of the email the other night to everyone.  I don’t understand what happened with that newsletter email.  I have NO idea why it decided to send itself 3 times.  Yes, I was eating dinner, and no, I wasn’t potted.  (Only half a glass of wine before that, really.  REALLY, only a half.)  And it did take it an awfully long time to get moving, but my laptop isn’t exactly speedy.  (It’s a Dino 300, powered by burning triceratops droppings, the same kind Fred Flintstone had, I think.  Maybe the same one he had, really.)  But still, three copies??!!???  Think of all the electrons I wasted!!!
Please accept our heartfelt apologies.
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