Take your dog to work day

Friday, June 25th is officially “Take Your Dog to Work” day!! How fun will that be? And to make the day even better, we are going to give dog treats to all visiting 4-legged customers. (Wait. Make that 4-legged furry costomers. With tails. Not people crawling on all fours.)

Well, if your 7-year old wants a dog biscuit, we will probably oblige.

Anyway, tahe your dog to work! And to the bead store!!

March is Adopt a Rescue Guinea Pig Month!

Please check out Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue, they have helped local shelters with a huge rescue of hamsters and gerbils, and are out of room!  Yes, they aren’t guinea pigs, but they need any help you can give them.  We’re sending donations this week.

And they do have some absolutely adorable Guinea Pig pairs.  Guinea pigs aren’t really solitary animals, they like to have friends.  They make lovely apartment pets, and unlike fish they are nice to pat.

Mary’s original idea was that we would host actual live Guinea pigs for adoption in our stores this month.  I put my foot down, absolutely refused.  Partly because Guinea pigs mean cages, and cages mean cleaning  and then there’s feeding and exercising too.  But the biggest reason?  Because at the end of it, Mary and I would end up with Guinea pigs, because we would fall in love with them and not be able to let them go.  And Mary has two large bouncy dogs, I have five insistent cats.  There is no way that this would work well.  Really, that whole scenario is guaranteed to End Badly for all parties.

So, even if you can’t adopt one of the precious little critters, please sponsor a neutering or make a small donation.  Any amount will help, and they take PayPal.

It’s Levi Strauss Day!!

Levi Strauss, the man credited with the invention of blue jeans, was born on February 26th, 1829. 

I’m sure he never anticipated “fat jeans” and “skinny jeans” and the notion that young women would lie on their beds using pliers to zip their jeans surely never crossed his mind.  I wear jeans (although not usually Levis actual brand) an average of 352 days a year.  So does Mary. 

So to honor the inventor of half our wardrobes, we have put discount coupons in a bag, and every customer that is wearing (or carrying)  jeans today gets to draw one.  They range from 10% off to 50% off, and can be used any time between February 27th (that’s tomorrow) and March 20th.

It’s not as much fun as Jello Shot day, but then what would be?