Do you want one of our Birthday Beadaplooza t-shirts?

We have two of our Artful Bead Birthday Beadaplooza t-shirts saved from our big First Birthday celebration.  We have decided to award them to the two people who write the best “I deserve this t-shirt because”  paragraphs in the comments.  You have one week – we will announce the winners next Saturday. 

Make it funny, we’re still a bit tired from all the Birthday Celebrations, and we could use a good laugh. 


PS:  Mary had one of those “Oops” moments at Market last week.  You know, one of those “How many pounds of stuff can I put in the car  before the suspension breaks?” spells we get sometimes when confronted with truly amazing beads at great prices.  As in “lost her teensy mind and where will we put all this stuff?” followed by “HOW MANY BOXES???  Of WHAT???”  “AAAAAAKKKKKKK!!!”

So next week, we’ll have some new chalcedony, labradorite, moonstone, tourmalines, and other wonderfulness.