Trunk Show MADNESS!!!

The Fantabulous Glass Trunk Show is nearly here!!!  The classroom will be full of the most wonderful colors, shapes, and finishes this weekend! Starting Saturday at 10:00am, this weekend will be amazing.  You remember my little “glass accident” last year, don’t you?  It’s those people, and they have a wonderfully unique selection, and it’ll be HERE!!!  Just in time for Mother’s Day, because what could be better than getting a lovely mound of glass beads from your children? 

Michell has warned me that I am NOT to buy more glass for my personal stash, because I have to share with everyone else.  But she will be out of town visiting her brand new nephew, so she won’t know, will she?

The Fort Worth Fantabulous Glass Trunk Show will be the Friday and Saturday after ours, but don’t worry.  They have plenty of time to go back to the warehouse and reload so you won’t have to worry that all the good stuff will be gone. 

We’re sorry, but the usual discounts don’t apply for trunk show merchandise, and all sales of it are final. 

See you Saturday!