Royal Medallion Bracelet

Taught by: Regina

Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials to be purchased: 36-Czech Bricks, 36-3mm Czech beads, 6-6mm pearls, 36-6mm pearls, Size 11º seed beads, Size 15º seed beads, Button, Size 12 needle, 6lb Fireline

Vintage Sequins!

Now we have some sequins from the 1970’s to go with our 1960’s seed beads!!

We’ve got some lovely purples, greens, black ABs and golds in the “normal” shapes, and some flat off-center “lentils” in red, hot pink, and black, and some two-tone blue “pumpkin seed” ones!  They came from a woman who had a hat-making shop in the 1970’s, and she’s been holding on to them ever since!! 

We’re working on making a “fringe thing” bracelet using them – waaaaay too sparkly!!

And we still have the vintage Czech seed beads!  In all those wonderful flowery colors and greens, perfect for making beaded flowers!!  You know you need something to do inside, while it’s 104 outside!

And, as always, both Artful Bead stores are cool inside – we have both Air Conditioning and fun people!