Thursday’s Sale

You may have noticed that I seem totally unable to actually deal with this on time.  Story of my life, really.

So, in recognition of my failing, the first person through the door gets to pick what’s on sale today.  Any category (except sterling and gold, sorry lots) that the first person picks will be 25% off. 

And the Christmas beads and kits are half price.  And the Swarovksi Christmas Trees are 25% off.

12 Days Of Christmas (ver 2.0)

(Sorry, we had a slight server collapse, and when they restored the files, we lost the original Days of Christmas.  So this is as best as I can remember.)

Jordan had a brilliant idea – Starting Friday December 11th, there are 12 more shopping days in the Fort Worth Artful Bead store until Christmas!  12 days (OK, 14 on Carrollton, but we’re pretending not to notice that) of special sales!

And we decided to be spontaneous, and just decide each morning what will be on sale that day.   It might be stones 25% off.  It might be seed beads.  It might be 40% off one item!  Who knows?  And because we’re slightly disorganized, we aren’t plotting this all out in advance, and we’re not doing the same thing in both stores. 

Fort Worth isn’t telling ANYBODY what the sale of the day is unless they come in.  (I was called a weakling, a woosie, and a weenie for saying I would post it here from 9 to noon each day for Carrollton.  And then the server died…  Hm.  This is starting to smell like a Conspiracy!!!)  Sorry, back to the Main Message.

So come on in and see us, find out what the sale is, and have a great time!

(I’m sure the original post was better, but I never make backups or notes.)

Happy Halloween and Treat Yourself!

We hope everybody has a great time Saturday night, with all the tricks and free candy and the chance to wear outlandish outfits.

And the best treat of all? Those fabulous pretties in Fort Worth on Sunday afternoon. I tried to get a picture of it, but it just didn’t really work. There is just too much of it to fit into a single shot.

So don’t be scared, there are plenty of new strands to go around! We’ll see you Sunday at 1:00!!

Glass sale!!!

This weekend, September 11th through 13th, both Artful Bead stores are having a huge glass sale.  “Huge” as in 20% off all glass strands and singles, including the brand new fabulosities.

New Glass Strands 1

And there are a LOT of new pretties, including adorable small daggers, new colors of lentils, and pinch beads.  A whole big bunch of new glass, enough to stuff the walls to the gills.  An official Boat Load of glass.  See?

Czech Glass 2

That’s just the part that can’t be shoved somewhere on the wall in Carrollton.  Here are the adorable daggers.

Teeny Daggers!

Lookit that, there are even Real Heavens-to-Betsy Halloween Orange daggers.  And Fort Worth has equally cool wonderful  new glass specialness.  But Carrollton has a bit more.  Because of Another Accident.  (Referring to the “You-Spent-One-Third-Of-Our-Budget-ON-GLASS!?!?!??” incident last year in Tucson.)  Another “you spent WHAT?” followed closely by “Are You OUT OF YOUR TEENSY ICKLE MIND?” and a chorus of “Where are we supposed to put all of this?” 

You know what?  It has been nearly too much, all of this drama surrounding so many new Beautiful Czech glass beads.  Too much bead fumes, words no more worky for exhausted BH, you know?  See you soon.

We’re Soggy but Celebrating Anyway!!

The rain ended our plans for the tent in the parking lot for games and excitement, so we just moved it inside!!  We’re decorated to our eyebrows, and the cake is delicious!!

Ready for the party
Ready for the party
Carol and Lizzie
Carol and Lizzie
See?  Cakes!
See? Cakes!

And our newest staff member Lindsay!  You HAVE to come say Hi to Lindsay, really you do.

So come join the fun – till 7 on Saturday (8/1) and noon – 5 on Sunday!

Birthday Coming Up!!!

Yes, it’s a BIG birthday coming up this weekend!!  Artful Bead in Carrollton is ONE year old on Saturday, August 1st!!

And we’re throwing a party and inviting you!  All day Saturday we’ll have cake and balloons and games with Prizes!!!  Cool and fun prizes like discount coupons and beads! 

And best of all?  You don’t have to bring a present – just show up and have fun and save money buying the most beautiful beads anywhere!  We’re giving everybody 25% off their entire purchase!  (Except books and classes, sorry.)

The Artful Bead Birthday Sale for the Carrollton store is this weekend – Friday and Saturday from 10 – 7   Yep, all day long both days.  And then on Sunday from noon till 5 too!  

And of course the Artful Bead in Fort Worth is celebrating right along with us, Friday and Saturday from 10 – 6, with the same sale prices, but no games, or balloons, or cake.  Well, maybe we’ll have cake.  (I saw it in a movie – “Cake good.”  Right?  Or was it one of my boys?) 

So get in here, and join the party!!!

Newsletter signup?

If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter email, you might want to do that.  (There is a link to the right about the whole thing.)  I know it’s a bit convoluted, but that keeps the Spam Monitors happy.

Anyway, the reason you might want to signup?  Because we very often have Secret Sales, that we don’t advertise or put up signs in the store.  Our newsletter subscribers get first crack at the goodies.

And we’re thinking of having our own “economic stimulus package” sometime before April 15th, because we’re ALL going to need a little pick-me-up on Tax Day.  Maybe…