Spike Beads, OH MY!

We now have the Czech glass spike beads in stock that came out late last year. Created with the input of acclaimed beading artist Laura McCabe, these beads come in three different sizes and a multitude of colors and finishes.

Czech Spike Bead Assortment

The baby spikes are perfect for adding just a little bit of texture or if you’re not so sure if they’re your thing, ease into it.

Czech Spike Beads

They make AMAZING wrap bracelets that have been seen gracing the covers of fashion mags this Fall. Yes, stack bracelets are still in!

Czech Spike Wrap Bracelet Class

If you’re up for a new look, check out our class (with more dates to come) on how to embellish these rock star beauties in so many ways! Whether you’re weaving or stringing, we can’t wait to see how you work them into your favorite beading projects.

Beaded Czech Spikes Class

Fiber Fest is in Grapevine THIS WEEKEND!

Yes, the annual DFW Fiber Fest starts TOMORROW at 8:30AM.  (Yes, that seems horrifically early to be somewhere on the other side of the airport, but there we are.)  Beautiful yarn, fantastic classes with nationally recognized teachers, yarn, all the newest and most fabulous knitting and spinning hardware, and yarn!

We’ll be there, in the Grapevine Convention Center, debuting our new beadweaving kits (!!  “as seen on Facebook!”) and we will also have the Famous Artful Bead Fill-The-Bag trough of beads, for your digging pleasure.

And, as time permits, we will be running all over smooshing the yarn, getting a tad high on yarn fumes, and being told that if it’s drooled on, it’s sold! (You know, I think that someone who allows me to pet cashmere yarn before lunch should expect a little dampness when they try to yank it out of my hands… I think I’m part Siamese cat, maybe.  They drool on soft yarn too. Well, mine does.  Actually he drools on anything when he’s happy.)

So check out the blog to see all of the vendors, they are all very interesting and most are also very funny.  We were the First to be interviewed, so we’re back in the list a couple of pages.

And come see us and join the party!

Grapevine Convention Center
1209 South Main Street
Grapevine, TX 76051

  • 8:30am-6:00pm Friday, April 8
  • 8:30am-6:00pm Saturday, April 9
  • 8:30am-4:00pm Sunday, April 10

April 2nd! Save the Date!

Mark your calendars, set your phone alarms, put a sticky on the bathroom mirror and tie a ribbon around your finger!

On April 2nd the Artful Bead in Carrollton is having a lampwork trunk show!   Meri of Fire and Sand Studio is bringing it to us!

Fabulous lampwork formed on an antique key

Like this!!!  and also like this!  They seem to be covered in sugar crystals!

Yummy sugar beads!and just for Easter – Voila!!

Bunny Easter Egg

Yes, he is absolutely adorable, and you can’t tell how cute his face is either.  Trust me, it’s waaaaayyyy cute!

Plus lovely things along these lines:

Selection of lampwork beads

That’s a hat on the right.  Like a witches hat – wonderful.  The face is cute too.  But she already has a hat.

And she brought a bunch by to visit us last week, and she has…  (omg-omg-omg!) SOCK MONKEYS!!!  Yes!  Freakin’ PRECIOUS sock monkey beads!  No, we don’t have pictures, we don’t want to cause a riot.  Yes, we have warned her that we want LOTS of sock monkeys for earrings, so we can all be in the Fire and Sand Sock Monkey Earring Club.

And NO, it isn’t April Fools!

See you Saturday the 2nd, 10:00AM.

PS – I have messed with it 5 times trying to get my words arranged the way I want them around the pictures, and it just ain’t happening today.  Sorry.  Just look at the pretty beads and think about sock monkey earrings.

Groupon Beginning Earrings Class Information

If you bought the Groupon Coupon for the Beginning Earring class, please call the store where you plan to take the class (Fort Worth – 817-294-2903, Carrollton 972-242-8949) to sign up.  You can refer to the online class calendar for times and dates, but unfortunately many of the Sunday classes  in February and March are already full.

We will be extending the dates for the coupons, and will have more late (after 5) classes during the week in April, especially in Carrollton.  We will also be adding several Saturday classes.

If you have a group of 4 to 7 that want to take the class together, please give us a call and we will work out a private class for you. 

Thank you for buying our class, and we hope to see you soon!

Metal working classes and wire!

Lindsay is rather excited, and has to have an outlet before she explodes.  She writes:
“So, I technically haven’t stopped hyperventilating over the excitement of our “awesome”, “gorgeous”, “almost on the verge of sexy” NEW WIRE in Carrollton.  But, we just have so many great new things going on that I can’t help but share. 
With our new schedule of classes out, we have also added to our inventory a variety of new metalworking supplies. No batteries required and it’s stress relieving! We now have on hand the coveted liquid liver of sulfur, over 3 different types of specialty hammers, torches, metal letter stamps, a variety of mandrels, and soldering supplies. So, come over and check out all the new wire *squeel*, er um oh, I mean tools!
 Metalworking supplies now available
If you like what you see, then check out our new classes on metal piercing, riveting, and soldering. A delightful combination of techniques to teach you the joys of metalworking!”
We do have a lot of new classes in quick soldering, and other metal techniques.  Check them out!
Who doesn’t want to play with fire sometimes?

Knitting with Beads classes

If you’re interested in knitting with beads, check out the new class series in Carrollton!  Alissa, AKA The Knitting Fairy will be doing three classes to teach you everything about knitting with beads and make sure you know where you’re going on the two projects.  And the entire series is only $45!!! 

These classes require you to already know how to cast on, knit, and purl, so if you don’t already know how, please contact Alissa at The Knitting Fairy for beginning classes.

Do you need help designing your jewelry?

Oh, come’on, everybody needs help sometimes. That’s why we’re having our new “The Joy of Being Random” classes. In fact, there is one in Fort Worth on Saturday (the 23rd) and two in Carrollton this Sunday (the 24th)! Check the schedules for exact times.

The Joy of Being Random is a one-hour design seminar on how to break yourself out of the “big bead, little bead, big bead, little bead” box. How to make great necklaces and bracelets that go with more things, look more professional, and don’t look like you borrowed them from Aunt Mildred. (Sorry, Aunt Mildred, but you wear boring jewelry made mostly of plastic…) We won’t be making a bracelet or anything, just giving you a million and one ideas. These $10 classes just packed with information.

And if you have a piece that you’ve been stuck on, bring it with you, we’ll help break through the design wall.

There are plenty of spots left, but sign up soon!

A cautionary tale about signing up early

This weekend we were reminded again how important it is to sign up for classes as soon as possible. On the morning of a class, two people called to sign up.  Unfortunately,when the teacher called the day before to see how many people were signed up, there weren’t any.  Most of our teachers require at least two students for each class, so the class was cancelled.

If those two had just called even one day before, everyone would’ve been happier.

If you sign up for a class and find out you can’t make it, just give us a call at least 24 hours in advance, and we’ll transfer your payment to another class, or give you store credit.

Have you taken one of our classes?

Send us pictures of your finished projects!

Email your digital photos to info@artfulbead.com, and we’ll post them for everyone to enjoy.

We’re setting up places for you to ask questions about beading or share discoveries you’ve made.  We’ll even post a free pattern now and then.