It’s a Yarn Crawl, Y’all!

Yep! Even though I didn’t find out about the Jacob’s Reward Farm DFW Yarn Crawl until the day before it started, after a lot of begging and whining, they let us join. OK, that’s just for dramatic effect. Actually, I emailed them and said “can we play too? PleasePleasePlease?” And immediately got a “Yes!” back. Which was *Awesome*!

Because we didn’t get included until after everything was printed, we aren’t on the posters or passport, but bring in your official Crawl passport and we will stamp it, no purchase necessary. You can do either store, or even shop in both, but we can only give you one stamp. (because we are only signed up as one store, see?? Sorry. We will be more organized next time.) (I just heard Mary snort “yeah, right” in my head.)

To all Crawlers, we are offering 20% off all base metal beads and findings, and all glass and stone beads, including all seed beads. (Unless you buy 30 or more assorted tubes, and then you get our standard 30% discount. If you buy 40 or more, the discount goes to 40%!)

And remember, most of us in the Carrollton store knit, and we all love petting yarn.

Go to Jacob’s Reward for all the details. Including the fabulous prize your passport stamps go toward. ( yes, that is a horrible sentence but I got dazed by second-hand yarn fumes looking at the latest post, and that is the best I can do.).

Notice the last store on the Oct. 5th post? That’s us!!!! Right there with the cool yarny people! EEEEE!!!

And thank you for supporting this fantastic group of local business!

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