Spike Beads, OH MY!

We now have the Czech glass spike beads in stock that came out late last year. Created with the input of acclaimed beading artist Laura McCabe, these beads come in three different sizes and a multitude of colors and finishes.

Czech Spike Bead Assortment

The baby spikes are perfect for adding just a little bit of texture or if you’re not so sure if they’re your thing, ease into it.

Czech Spike Beads

They make AMAZING wrap bracelets that have been seen gracing the covers of fashion mags this Fall. Yes, stack bracelets are still in!

Czech Spike Wrap Bracelet Class

If you’re up for a new look, check out our class (with more dates to come) on how to embellish these rock star beauties in so many ways! Whether you’re weaving or stringing, we can’t wait to see how you work them into your favorite beading projects.

Beaded Czech Spikes Class

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