Glass and Other New Stuff!,,

We are getting in TONS of new stuff in Carrollton lately. We got a lot of glass from the trunk show last week. (And no, you didn’t see it all! Remember that I got there 2 hours before we opened. Yep, I spent that time grabbing all kinds of awesome and putting it aside. Most of it didn’t make it to his displays.).

And then a dozen new colors and sizes of leather, new waxed linen colors, and more C-Lon cord. And a bunch of new books on kumihimo, seed beading, and knots.

And early next week we get EVEN MORE glass and crystal. Followed by more glass and seed beads! Officially we will have 3.87 MBT of new glass.

And Mary is off “shopping” in the south, looking for new fun and exciting stuff for Fort Worth. Ok, she really is shopping, and I’m just miffed that I couldn’t go too.

We are stocking up for our Big Birthday, but the Amazing Awesome ones may not last that long.

AND this weekend is National Gummi Worm Day! But Michell and Lindsay wussed out on the worms and instead made a “guess how many Gummi Bears” jar instead. I was so taken with the colors that I completely forgot what the prize is. Sorry.

Pix tomorrow.

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