About the Thread

Each Dancing Leaves kit contains two spools of size D C-lon beading thread.  Use which ever color you like.  Using darker thread will darken the appearance of transparent beads, lighter thread will make them look lighter.  You can switch thread partway through a color segment to blend bead colors better.  Or not.  Don’t worry about it if you switch colors in the middle, it will add more interest.

If you have to add thread, leave yourself 4-5 inches of tail, and weave it in circles through 3 or 4 beads to lock it in place.  You can make half-hitch knots around the thread, and then go through another few beads.  Start a new thread by weaving circles through 2 or three beads and come out ready to add your new beads.

If you absolutely MUST tie a knot, try the magic invisible knot we use:

  1. Make a slip-knot loop at the end of the new thread, leaving a free tail of 4 inches or so.  The loop must shrink when you pull the LONG working end, not the short end.  This is hugely important.
  2. Poke the old tail up through the slip-knot loop.  Pull (or hold) all three threads at the same time. 
  3. When the loop gets tight enough, you will hear a teensy “pop!” that signals the knot is good. Sometimes you can’t see it because it slides down inside a bead.
  4. You can tug GENTLY on the long working thread to make sure it’s locked.  If not, slide it off and do it again.
  5. Pulling hard on either of the short tails will UNLOCK the knot, and the new thread can pull off.  (Don’t worry, we’ve never had this happen once the tails were woven in.)
  6. After working a few stitches with the new thread, you can weave in the tails gently, being careful not to pull too hard in the beginning.
  7. If you use a thread lubricator (Thread Heaven, beeswax, etc.), do not coat the slip-knot end of the new thread.  Lubricated thread doesn’t hold the knot as well.

If you are a Fireline person, feel free to use it instead of the included thread.  It will make everything just a bit stiffer, which is probably why you use Fireline in the first place.  Use the 4lb for best results, as some of the beads get several passes through.

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