It’s FiberFest!

Yes, Beloved Campers, this weekend is DFW Fiber Fest in the Grapevine Convention Center.

What (I hear a faint voice calling) the Heck is Fiber Fest? Well, imagine Spring Break for Grownups, with all the usual SpringBreaking high jinks, with all the lovely fiber, yarn, and toys anybody could dream of, but without sand, sunburn, and the horror that is Swimwear.

That, my dears, is what it’s all about. And the Artful Bead is thick in the middle of it again this year.

The vendor area is open 9:00am – 6:00pm Friday and Saturday, and on Sunday but I don’t have it handy. Check it out at

Oh, yeah, one more thing.. I’m too lazy to add that link tonight. So just type the dang thing in, OK?

I have to get some sleep now. Our booth is directly across from Brooks Farm Yarns. (Yes, the EXACT same yarn that mugged me 3 years ago and made me buy it and take it home. And it turned into a lovely kimono jacket, if I do say so myself.) I know it was watching me. Waiting to throw itself across the aisle and into my arms.

And then…

It will be all soft and colorful at me. And I will have to pay for it and take it home.

I make a crappy victim, don’t I?

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