This weekend the Carrollton store turns 3

Yes, it’s our birthday again. And we tried for three weeks to come up with a fun and exciting theme. Some games with prizes, all that.

And failed. Miserably. Because it is TOO DANG HOT!!! Honestly, a full month of days over one hundred degrees??

So that’s our theme – “Too dang hot to have a birthday party” party. We’ll have cake and ice cream on Saturday, but that’s about all we can pull off. And to make it easy on us and you, all stone, pearl, and glass strands are 25% off from Friday through Sunday. Including case strands.

Excuse me a second. I’m going to Tom Thumb to stand in the frozen food section holding the door open for a bit.

Ps. (ignore the way my shirt is sticking to me. Thanks. )

Pss. I forgot about the special “deal” strands that we got yesterday. They aren’t included in the sale. Sorry. Hot no brains worky.

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