Knitting Lagniappe will be at the Carrollton Store

Yes, it’s a really really big weekend in Carrollton.  Trunk shows from Friday through Sunday!  Two COMPLETELY different trunk shows, no less!

Saturday and Sunday, it’s  the fabulous ceramics of Knitting Lagniappe coming to show off!  Scroll down a few days and check out the pictures – too cool for words!  And not just beads, but buttons, bowls, coffee mugs!

Fantastic gifts for all your beady friends! And without that difficult “zone of anguish” that giving away beads often makes us cross.*

So skip the drama, come in this weekend and get Christmas / birthday / anniversary shopping DONE!  Only at the Artful Bead in Carrollton, though.

And grab a bunch of the amazing buttons, beads, bowls, and mugs for yourself – after all, it’s hot out there, you deserve a treat.

And we have chocolate and lots of air conditioning.  (Really, the mailman always complains that it’s too cold in the store.)  And we can get more chocolate if we start to run out.

Come in and see us this weekend – Saturday 10 – 6 and Sunday noon till 5.

*You know what I mean – if they are really totally awesome beads, you really want to keep them for yourself.  And if they’re not really awesome beads, you know they’re not good enough for a friend like that.

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