Slight correction to Stone Trunk Show times

Sorry, but in my excitement about having TWO completely different trunk shows on one weekend in Carrollton, we had a slight communication glitch.  A Glitch in Communications between Fort Worth and Carrollton.  Yep, that’s what it was.  A glitch.*

The Official Trunk Show Times are as follows:

Carrollton:  Friday July 22nd 4:00PM – 9:00PM

Fort Worth:  Saturday July 23rd 9:00AM – 2:00PM

OK?  Thank you for reading this!

* Yes, that is exactly what it was.  Or a “mis-remember” issue.  Not my fault, and actually it could’ve been predicted.  Mary called me 7 weeks ago and told me the dates and times.  Before she hung up she said “got that?” which is Mary-to-Val speak for “you WILL be writing this down right this minute, won’t you?” but which in Val-from-Mary speak is interpreted as “you do acknowledge that English words came out of my mouth, right?”

So I didn’t write it down then, and when I had to actually give the times to people for making schedules and flyers, I remembered the times slightly incorrectly.

But, in my defense, I offer the following:

1.  SEVEN weeks?  Anything shoved at me that is for 7 weeks away goes onto the long-term currently-Somebody-Else’s-Problem stack until it gets 3 or 4 weeks closer.  This is known.

2.  Numbers are not something I remember well.  Never have.  I have always had to ask my sons what year they were born, because nobody will let you put “The Summer of Watergate Hearings” on an official form as the year.  This is also known.

3.  I did manage to remember that we are having a stone trunk show.  And the very next day the totally cool Knitting Lagniappe ceramics trunk show!  I deserve a little credit here!

Sorry, I had the times wrong!  But come see us this weekend, I promise it’ll be TOTALLY worth it!

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