Our Favorite Holiday is here Again!!

Do you realize what Thursday is? It’s May 5th! Or, in the preferred language of the holiday, it’s Cinco de Mayo! Which is the best-ever, our most favorite-est holiday of the whole year!!! (except for Halloween, but that’s a Completely different type of holiday, on a “whole ‘nother level” as they say in the Hill Country.)

But we were talking about Cinco de Mayo. And why we love it so.

Because the Texas State Legislature passed the Cross-Cultural Holiday Appreciation Act of 1982, that makes it a Requirement that “all adults who are within the borders of Texas on May 5th” have to eat nachos, guacamole, and tortilla chips, and they Must consume at least one margarita. (in extreme circumstances, Dos Equis beer may be substituted.)

Really!! It’s a LAW, and we should try our best to obey The Law, you know.

(what? Oh for Pity’s sake, how can you never have heard of that? I swear it’s real, I saw it on wakypedia. Or somewhere like that. YES, I did so!) (*sniff*)

(oh, ok. Fine. Who the heck cares if the stupid law is made up. Are you going to pass up a fabulous holiday because it’s legal to ignore it? I believe that is Tacky. TACKY, do you hear?)

So we will be celebrating in Carrollton with most if the requirements, and maybe we’ll have to run across the parking lot for happy hour, since we don’t have a blender.

Come celebrate, because we are also celebrating Lindsay’s birthday. And we might have a surprise sale. Maybe. Probably.

Because it’s Cinco de Mayo!!!

(don’t we need queso too? Someone needs to pick that up in the morning, ok?)

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