April 2nd! Save the Date!

Mark your calendars, set your phone alarms, put a sticky on the bathroom mirror and tie a ribbon around your finger!

On April 2nd the Artful Bead in Carrollton is having a lampwork trunk show!   Meri of Fire and Sand Studio is bringing it to us!

Fabulous lampwork formed on an antique key

Like this!!!  and also like this!  They seem to be covered in sugar crystals!

Yummy sugar beads!and just for Easter – Voila!!

Bunny Easter Egg

Yes, he is absolutely adorable, and you can’t tell how cute his face is either.  Trust me, it’s waaaaayyyy cute!

Plus lovely things along these lines:

Selection of lampwork beads

That’s a hat on the right.  Like a witches hat – wonderful.  The face is cute too.  But she already has a hat.

And she brought a bunch by to visit us last week, and she has…  (omg-omg-omg!) SOCK MONKEYS!!!  Yes!  Freakin’ PRECIOUS sock monkey beads!  No, we don’t have pictures, we don’t want to cause a riot.  Yes, we have warned her that we want LOTS of sock monkeys for earrings, so we can all be in the Fire and Sand Sock Monkey Earring Club.

And NO, it isn’t April Fools!

See you Saturday the 2nd, 10:00AM.

PS – I have messed with it 5 times trying to get my words arranged the way I want them around the pictures, and it just ain’t happening today.  Sorry.  Just look at the pretty beads and think about sock monkey earrings.

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