Carrollton Preview 2011 is History!

But we still have some lovely stuff left, just a teensy bit.  Well, more than a teensy bit, it’s a lot of awsomeness.  I think the huge green amethysts are gone, though.

And today, Friday February 18th, is  Tucson Preview 2011 at the Fort Worth store!  If you didn’t get enough of the stone trunk show (we really did have our own personal bead show in tha back room, didn’t we?  It took us over an hour to load it all back into the boxes and on the truck!) you can catch it one more day in Fort Worth.

Hm.  I am having a serious problem being coherent.  I think I just might be a teensy bit tired, maybe…  zzzzz… 

No!  Must have more coffee, so we can have fun all over again in Fort Worth!!! 

See you there!    The show is 3PM – 9PM, and there’s no possibility of running out of beads and closing early.  Really.  Couldn’t happen.   But get there early for the Best Selection!

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