Tucson Preview is This WEEK!!

Yes, our annual better-than-a-bead-show Tucson Preview nights have been extended this year into Tucson Preview days, with a stone beads trunk show thrown in!

The Carrollton store is starting this year’s festivities at 3:00 this Thursday afternoon, the 17th, and the party goes on till we are either out of beads or 9:00PM, whichever comes first. 

Then the next day, Friday the 18th, it happens in Fort Worth – 3:00 till 9:00.  (Or earlier, if we run out of beads.)  (OK, that’s really not likely, that we could actually run out of beads.  But possible, along the lines of infinite numbers of monkeys writing Hamlet is possible.)

With our usual tasty snacks, wine and cheese, it’s a party you Don’t want to Miss! 

Check out our Facebook pages (The Artful Bead in Carrollton and The Artful Bead in Fort Worth) for pictures and up-to-the-minute news!

(Sorry, no pictures here, I have to get to the store and keep pricing new stuff for Thursday!)

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