Our Annual Tucson Preview Party is next week!

We’re almost ready for Tucson Preview again this year, and we’re doing it even bigger than before!  All of the beautiful, amazing, unique beads, findings, and pendants we could find and bring back PLUS a fabulous Stone trunk show! 

Yes, we have a wonderful haul of only the most glorious stuff from Tucson, we’re really outdone ourselves this time.  We’ve got the fantastic lacquered torched copper, and fabulous chain like you will Not Believe, and some of the best buys in unique fancy stones we’ve ever managed.  (Sorry, that sentence got awfully tangled.  It happens, deal with it.  It’s probably the bead fumes.)  Add the terrific selection of pendants and clasps, and the usual wine, cheese, and snacky goodies, and it’s set to be the Party of the Decade! 

And it starts in Carrollton on Thursday, February the 17th, from 3 in the afternoon till 9 that night.  Then the trunk show moves to Fort Worth on Friday the 18th, same bat-time, same bat-channel.  (What?  You have no idea what that means???  Don’t you remember the ultimate Cheezy Batman with Adam West?  “Holy Retail, Batman!” says Robin?  None of it?  You have no clue???  Honestly.  I have to have a nice up of tea and a lie down, I’m so upset.)

Oh, right.  Anyway, the Fort Worth Tucson Preview and Stone Trunk Show is Friday, February 18th, from 3 till 9.  With the wine and cheese and chocolate pretzels.  And beads and chain and fantastic pendants and  (How can you Not Know about Batman on TV, with the ever-so-fantastic Julie Newmar as Catwoman?  Those of us watching the series in the 60’s wanted to be Julie Newmar with more fervor than we ever spent on anything else in our scrawny un-statuesque lives.  I used to practice draping my decidedly un-Catwomanly body over the couch, just in case the opportunity ever came up.) and more fantastic stones than you could ever shake a stick at.

(You know, Julie used to live in Fort Worth.  I sure hope she never hears that you don’t remember Batman on TV with Adam West in the 60’s.  No, I don’t care that you weren’t born yet.  That’s your problem, not mine.)

Sorry.  This whole thing got a bit off track.  I should’ve stopped at that tangled sentence.  Too late now!

Come see us next Thursday and Friday!!!

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