Knocked our socks off!

Do you see that pile of purple and gold fiber over along that wall, and the blue boring pile on the other side?  That’s our socks, which were knocked off by the response to our Groupon Deal on Wednesday.  Really.  We are stunned, grateful, and a teensy bit shocked.  Who knew earring classes would make that much of a splash? 

Don’t get me wrong, we all did the HappyPants Dance (for about 10 minutes), and then immediately went to work scheduling more and more and then even more Beginning Earrings classes, and calling our suppliers and saying “uh, those beads??  We need a lot more.  A Whole Lot More, as in Boat-Load, OK?  And soon!”

Very exciting it was, for all concerned!

So that’s all taken care of, and now we have several Important Announcements:

First of all, the “We’re Bringing Tuscon to You!” Czech glass trunk shows are next week!  Tuesday from noon till 8 in Carrollton, and Friday in Fort Worth.  Our wonderful Czech Glass Guy is on his way to Tuscon, and we bullied convinced him to stop by our stores first!  So grab it while you can, the really wonderful stuff won’t make it back, you know how that goes, right?

And then on Monday, January 31st, we leave for the Annual Tuscon Buying Trip, so watch this space for all the fabbu finds nightly.  Or the “too many miles, too little sleep, ooooo! shiny!!!”(drool) that seems to always happen.  I guess you never get immune to Bead Fumes, huh?

Again, a huge Artful Bead THANK YOU to all of our new Groupon friends!  We can’t wait to meet you in person, so come in any time and look around!  (Oh, but don’t look under the table bottoms, pleeeeeese, because nobody has dusted in a little while, OK?  I’m just saying…)

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