What about that leftover turkey?

Thanksgiving is officially over, and I’ve heard a few “what to do with the turkey” comments, so I thought I’d share my favorite turkey leftover recipe.  This is from my friend Donna, and when we had turkey, it saved my sanity for several years.


Assemble the following ingredients before you start:

  • leftover turkey on the carcass
  • 1 medium plastic food container of appropriate size (Tupperware or similar)
  • 1 carving knife and fork
  • Bloody Mary fixings (in the South, Margarita fixings may be substituted)
  • pet food bowl(s)
  • 1 large (11 – 30 gallon) trashbag
  • gift wrapping ribbon (optional)

Ready?  OK.  Make your drink, and have a nice long taste and consider the carcass.  Carve off any slices of turkey large enough to make sandwiches and put them in the food container, seal it and put it in the fridge.  Pick off any smaller pieces and place them in the pet food bowl, including any bits of skin that look particularly tasty.  Make sure you don’t get any bones.  Place bowl on the floor.

Have another taste of your drink, and have an assistant hold the trash bag open, around waist high.  Holding the turkey platter firmly with both hands, tip it briskly inside the trash bag, giving it a nice flick as the turkey slides off.  Scrape off any remaining bits into the bag.  Tie the bag closed, and if you simply MUST channel Martha Stewart, tie the ribbon around and make a nice bow.

Instruct your assistant to take the bag outside and place it in a Suitable Receptacle.

Finish your drink.  Congratulate yourself on discovering another Fantastic Holiday Tradition for your family to enjoy!  And no turkey broth hanging out in the freezer until August!

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