We have Liftoff!!!

Yes indeedie! That mighty roar you heard around noon on Wednesday September 22nd was the official launch of… (insert drumroll, majestic music, and a crash of cymbals here)

The Artful Bead iPhone app!

You can check seed bead sizes by stringing them on a needle and checking them against the screen! It has handy conversion tables! If you tap four fingers on the corners of the “about” screen in the correct sequence, a piece of chocolate falls out the bottom!! (Well, maybe not the part about the chocolate. Evidently that’s against the rules of both Physics and Apple )

And this is just the beginning!

Next week we will have a limited number of free download codes to give away. If you want in on that, email Val at artfulbead dot com and say so.

Now I’ve got to get to work on version 2.0. (sigh)

Oh, forgot to tell you. In the app store, just search for Artful Bead, you’ll see us there, it’s a pretty short list!

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