We were in the Dallas Morning News!

We want to thank writer, Joy Tipping,  for our feature in this month’s Dallas Morning News.  The article, featured in The Guide, contained a plethora of ideas on where to take your out of town guests for the Superbowl or this coming holiday season.  These ideas were obtained from The Source, you know, real people talking about real places they’ve been.  When asked how they would play tour guide to show off the hidden jewel that Dallas is, there were a few spots that came up as favorites.  Among them, The Artful Bead!

You can check the article out online at The Dallas Morning News’ website:
Thanks for visiting Joy! Oh, and we’d still love for you to come back for our RESIN CLASS!
In other fabulous bead news, we’ve gotten some new goodies in.  Yes, again!  Beautiful new stone that I haven’t seen in awhile.  In other words, things we havne’t had in over a year!  A new stone that I have fallen in love with (along with my usual labradorite, moonstone, emeralds, etc.) is a stone called aqua terra jasper.  Once you see it, you’ll understand the obvious reason for it’s name: water & earth.  It is beautifully complicated and mixes together a color pallete that anyone can work with.  At the moment, the stone (which some can be seen above) comes in it’s natural state as well as some more of the dyed varietes. 
Along with our new stone, we’ve just aquired some fantastic EYE BEADS! (See above picture)
“That sounds horrendous!” your tiny mental voice is probably screaming right now.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  The “Evil Eye” bead is known around the world and its use goes back many, many years.  The eye is worn in many communities as a “good luck” charm to ward off the bad intentions of others and as a protective talisman even today. 
The recent movie, Eat, Love, Pray, has aquired a following in the jewelry community as a source of inspiration from the main characters choice of accessories.  Of these, the eye bead is included.  So, in celebration of loving oneself, finding your own inner peace, and learning what other cultures have to teach us, we have a wonderful collection of new beads (not just eye) for you to choose from.  Also, I just want to thank Lori for sharing my passion of eye beads!  They are all unique, have a rich history, and definently make people wonder “Why is that woman’s necklace looking at me?”

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