The 13th is Blame Someone Else Day!

So go on and blame anybody you like for anything you want to!  You can blame us for some things, like having too many fabulous beads, or for showing you those beautiful agates that you couldn’t live without.  

But don’t blame us for too much, because we’re a teeny bit sensitive.  You don’t want us to get all snivelley and pitiful, do you?

And this Saturday is National Garage Sale day!  Obviously named by people who Don’t Live in Texas, because nobody has a garage sale in Texas in the middle of August if it can possibly be avoided.  We sort of planned having a bead and magazine swap, but then the Tila beads came in and we all got sidetracked and forgot, so that scheme fell through.  But we do have some very lovely things made with Tilas, and a lot of “well that’s interesting…” swatches as well. 

We suggest that you put a few of your “less than favorite” beads into a baggie, tell your friends to do the same, and have your own swap session with your friends.  After all, you are certainly smart enough to have friends that don’t always lust after the same beads you do.  Right???  Ri-i-i-ight???  (Or at least friends with shorter arms, so you can grab them first, that’s my theory.*) 

And if you have time or need findings after the swap, come on and see us.  We’ll have some wonderful new pewter beads and findings by Saturday, new crystal, and who knows what other lovelies will have arrived?

(*If you don’t believe me, ask my friend Donna about the Blue Tiger Iron Incident 4 years ago.  She still hasn’t forgiven me.  But that wasn’t all longer arms, it was being more devious too.  I still love those beads.)

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