The Birthday Sale starts today!

It’s the Carrollton store’s 2nd Birthday Party!  Come over and help us celebrate our “Terrible Two’s” this weekend from Friday, the 30th through Sunday, the 2nd. We are ever-so-excited to break out the cupcakes and ice cream!

So, “what’s in it for me” (besides the obvious sugar rush) you might be asking yourself. PRESENTS! Yes, tons of presents for YOU!  We love to share (maaaybe sometimes a little too much) so we are putting all stone, glass, crystal, pearl, and ethnic wall strands on sale: 25% OFF! Ohhhh, but you have been eyeing those beautiful sparklies in the case for awhile, haven’t you? You are in luck there too because all case strands are also 25% OFF!  Come adopt a sheltered sparklie today and give it a purpose in life!

ALSO, we will be giving away one Jewelry Making Techniques class EACH day. So, put your name in the drawing for yourself or that friend you’ve been dying to share your passion with.  We will also be playing great games with prizes, yummy food (a la Chef Michell), and just having a great time all-around on Saturday. Believe me, we know how to party!!!

What could possibly sweeten this pot? Oh, that’s right……NEW STUFF! I can’t forget to mention the absolutely unique and genuine vintage goodies we’ve discovered for you. Fantastic raw vintage Chanel findings and pendants!  *Shudder* I could hardly contain myself when we came across these beauties and so many to choose from.  We have also found some truly beautiful filigreed pocket watch pieces, faces, hands, gears, and who knows what else! Oh, also you MUST see the awesome new toy Val has become infatuated with.

So, come help us celebrate our “Terrible Two’s” this weekend and you truly won’t be disappointed. The more the merrier, you know how much we love to entertain (whether it’s intentional or not)!

We didn't use this can after, I promise PS – We didn’t use this can of coolwhip after Lily’s treat, I promise!!!

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