Metal working classes and wire!

Lindsay is rather excited, and has to have an outlet before she explodes.  She writes:
“So, I technically haven’t stopped hyperventilating over the excitement of our “awesome”, “gorgeous”, “almost on the verge of sexy” NEW WIRE in Carrollton.  But, we just have so many great new things going on that I can’t help but share. 
With our new schedule of classes out, we have also added to our inventory a variety of new metalworking supplies. No batteries required and it’s stress relieving! We now have on hand the coveted liquid liver of sulfur, over 3 different types of specialty hammers, torches, metal letter stamps, a variety of mandrels, and soldering supplies. So, come over and check out all the new wire *squeel*, er um oh, I mean tools!
 Metalworking supplies now available
If you like what you see, then check out our new classes on metal piercing, riveting, and soldering. A delightful combination of techniques to teach you the joys of metalworking!”
We do have a lot of new classes in quick soldering, and other metal techniques.  Check them out!
Who doesn’t want to play with fire sometimes?

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