The Too Big for the Back Room show is over!

Well, it’s over in Carrollton, at least.  We got the trunk show all packed up and were ready to drop it off at the bus station with a brisk “thanks for coming, let us know when you get there, bye” and then run home for a nice nap.  But it started whining, going on about “I’ve never been to Texas before and I haven’t seen anything!  Not Houston, or NASA, or Austin or…  or even Fort Worth!  I can’t leave YET!”  To avoid any kind of Incident, (being uncertain of what a Trunk Show Tantrum in the Trailways station would look like) we decided to let it spend a week in Fort Worth before going back home.

So, for a few days (probably over the weekend, so it can go to Billy Bob’s on Saturday) you can shop the trunk show in Fort Worth.   Just stop by the Fort Worth Artful Bead and ask to see the trunk show stone and all. 

And thanks for coming to see us in Carrollton!  We had a great time!

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