Trunk Show Transportation

Mary has been worrying about the “missing” trunk show in Fort Worth, so she has come up with a very “artful” solution:  Shuttle buses! 

Yes, we will be offering free rides from the Fort Worth Artful Bead to the Carrollton Artful Bead for the Too Big for the Back Room Trunk Show on Friday July 2nd and Saturday July 3rd.  (Sorry, Sunday and Monday you’re on your own.  You know how Mary is when she decides something.)

And once you come over to Carrollton, you can have a lovely breakfast/snack/lunch/happy hour after you finish your shopping.  Shipley’s Donuts is just down the strip center from the store, Cafe Brazil (just across the street) has wonderful coffee and food, and past that is a Chinese buffet, and then there’s Los Lupes Tex-Mex (and Margaritas!)  just across our parking lot.  

What could be better?  It’s going to be like your own private bead show, but even cooler, because you don’t have to drive, and all the way back to Fort Worth you can play “See this?  It’s MINE!” without worrying about missing the turn.

Call the Fort Worth store (817-294-2903) and get your name on the list, they’ll have sign-up times to make sure everybody that wants to come over gets to.  And we promise to get you back to Fort Worth, you won’t end up spending the night in Carrollton, unless you want to.

OOOO!!  Spend the night??  Slumber Party!?!?!  Wouldn’t that be fun?

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