National “Eat Your Vegetables” Day!!

(Courtesy of guest blogger Lindsay again!)

So, as most of you know June 17th is national “Eat your Vegetables” Day and I know you have all been waiting eagerly with anticipation. 

What? You mean you DIDN’T know it was “Eat your Veggies” Day?    Gasp!   Well, to those of us who have been thinking of (or dreading) the Jolly Green Giant this week, I’d like to take a moment and share a story that is very dear to me – the day my childcare teachers AND I learned that “Lindsay really doesn’t like spinach.” 

It’s interesting that of all the childhood memories I wish I could remember, this one sticks out so clearly in my mind.  The table I was sitting at, the pile of warm spinach steaming on the cafeteria-like tray in its own little quadrant, my defiant and horrified posture. I told my teachers that I “just knew” I didn’t like spinach, and “I don’t have to try it in order to know that I won’t  like it.” After much debate, several time-outs, and missing out on nap time and cookies, I finally downed a bite.  Needless to say I DID NOT like warm spinach and it most certainly DID NOT like me.  I’m sure the smile of satisfaction that comes from being right (from a 3 year olds point of view) was pure evil as I watched my teacher take the tray away from the table. 

I know that you all have one of these stories, and I want to know which vegetable strikes fear into your hearts and stomachs!  So, please come in on Thursday the 17th and bring a donation of canned food good(s) to receive 10% off your purchase (excluding books and classes) for that day.  Let’s warm the hearts of everyone with thoughtfulness, not spinach.

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