The Resin Diaries – Episode 1

Since February, Lindsay and Michell have been exploring resin.  “What can we put in resin?  What can we put resin in?  Will this work?” seems to be all I hear some days.  I decided that this deserved to be shared, so I managed to get my hands on a copy of what we’re calling “The Resin Diaries” by guest blogger and teacher,  Lindsay.  (OK, she gave it to me, but it sounds cooler if I “acquired it” doesn’t it?)  So Enjoy!

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The Resin Diaries:  Day 83

 My ongoing mission to cover the world in resin has proven more difficult than I, or my trusty sidekick, Michell my guides, ever suspected. We have traveled many impressive 1.2 miles miles to study the different techniques of resin jewelry. The long, arduous hours of each day have recently been filled with creative grueling work in air conditioned building the humid mountain terrain.

 Looking towards the East for some inspiration, the following necklace was born.  If you look closely at the copper bezel pendant pieces, you will see the reflections of vintage geishas looking back at you from black and white photographs.  Any picture can be used in your resin pendant! Just remember, that pendant is going to be around WAY after you’re gone and then some.  I wonder if the reason I find this medium so appealing is that I’m basically creating a fossilized time capsule.  Hmmmm, something to think about….but not too hard.  But, you might think about looking into one of our ICE Resin classes, they are a blast!

Vintage geisha phontos embedded in resin
Geisha Necklace

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