Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Mary (AKA “Herself,” “Her Majesty,” and “Da Boss”) is taking the weekend off.  An actual out-of-contact, not-at-the-store, no-phone-turned-on holiday.  You know what that means??
It’s gonna be a “While the Cat’s Away, the Bead-Mice will Play” sale!  (Or, maybe it’s an “Inmates Running the Asylum” sale.  A “Monkeys Taking Over the Zoo” sale?  How about “Oh, Dear, the Monkeys are Running the Asylum!” like my great aunt used to say?) 
Anyway, while she’s gone, the Mice/Monkeys are in charge, and we’re going to have some FUN in both stores!  Fun like when you buy 10 strands of glass or stone on the walls and get a nice fat 25% discount!  Buy 10 bags of precounted findings or beads (including sterling) and get that same lovely 25% off!  All the goodies in the cases (except Swarovski) are 20% off, including the fabulous Big Kahuna Turquoise and emeralds!  All of it!!!  We want her to come back to a big load of “We’re out of this, please order it RIGHTTHISMINUTE because this is what happens when you leave us!” and “The walls are bare, hurry up and get new stuff TODAY!”  So she knows how much we all love her!  (With a hefty side order of “and we love to drive her crazy” thrown in.)

The sale starts Saturday morning  and runs through Monday, Memorial Day.   
Hurry-hurry!  Squeak-Squeak!!

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