Our What’s New page has changed!

Our wonderful programming people (can’t call ’em dudes, lots are female) have tweaked this page for us! 

Notice that the “Artists Using Our Beads” is higher up on the page, and now the last 5 tweets show too!  As if we have that much to say.  Oh, well.  We blither a lot.

If you have an Etsy store or another website and use our beads, send us the link and we’ll add you!  We are also adding a category for “Beads and Business” with information on how to get a Texas Sales Tax number and some hints on craft shows and all. 

If you have taken a class with us, or just made something fabulous with our beads, email pictures of your project to us (info “at” artfulbead.com*) and we’ll post them in the Gallery.

And to the perfume salesman on Saturday that didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t read the No Solicitors sign – “you are soooo lucky we didn’t shoot spitwads at you.  Next time you will be schplatted!”  

(*You know what to do with the at in an email address, if we put the real email address in a post, we get thousands of offers for products we really-really-really don’t want to know about.)

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