It’s Nearly May! Salsa and Glass, OH MY!!!!

It’s hard to grasp that April ends today, isn’t it?  I mean, wasn’t it just three days ago that it was April 15th?  No more than 4, surely!?!

OK, so it’s gonna be May tomorrow.  May is National Salsa Month, did you know?!  That’s cool, must be because of Cinco de Mayo, dontcha think?  So we’ll have to have chips and salsa to celebrate.  And a beach with white sand and ocean and those neat canvas chairs and Dos Equis beer!!  (Oops.  Got a bit carried away there.)  Yep, chips and salsa and maybe some queso.  On the 5th, of couse.   And maybe some kind of sale about 5’s… 

And then on the weekend, (Saturday and Sunday) 8th and 9th actually, we will be hosting the Fabulous Czech Glass Trunk Show in the Carrollton store!  Two days of as much Czech glass as you can carry out!  Shucks, we’ll even have someone to carry it to your car if need be!  And of course Fort Worth’s Fabulous Czech Glass Trunk Show will be Friday and Saturday the 14th and 15th!   Enough time for them to go back to the warehouse and load up again! 

Because it’s a trunk show, the usual discounts don’t apply, and we can’t accept returns or exchanges on trunk show merchandise.  But it promises to be fabulous!  Do you remember that “little accident” I had with the glass vendor last year?  And all that fantastically cool new glass?   That didn’t even scratch the surface, that was only what I couldn’t stop myself from buying!

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