Fiber Fest 2010 is over!

Wow, that was a fun (long) weekend!  We had a great time at the DFW Fiber Fest in Addision, met lots of wonderful people, and I didn’t get mugged by yarn!  However, I was seduced by some wonderful mauve wonderfulness on Friday morning by Buffalo Gold in the booth next to us.  So I bought it.  It behaved itself nicely, all wonderfulness, and I took it home.  Along with a pair of fingerless gloves for a gift for someone.   

Then on Sunday, some fabulous-amazing turquiose buffalo/tencel blend started whispering across the table.  “You need me…”  “Listen – you need me!!!  Buy me NOW!”  So I told the nice man Ron to make it shut up.  Instead, he threw it into my lap!!!  Then it said it needed me to get it’s friend too, so now I have two of them.  They’re going to be a nice little bag with those gold-shimmering lined beads scattered around. 

We met a lot of wonderful people, and we can’t wait till they all come into the store!

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