What we are working on now

We have been asked what projects we are currently working on, so we decided to share with everyone. 

First, in Carrollton (stores in alphabetic order this month), Michell and Lindsay are experimenting with the new ICE Resin, and going wild.  (Pictures to follow.)  They spent most of last weekend experimenting, and have made some wonderful pendants and cabachons.  Lindsay is also trying some metal etching – very cool.  Sarah is branching out into multi-strand necklaces and wire wrapped earrings.  Val is finishing the first layer on an embroidered cuff, and trying to knit Amy’s housewarming gift.  Bonnie is enjoying her newest grandson, working on a beaded knitting project for us to have on our table at Fiber Fest in April, and also making some adorable teeny wire crochet beads.  (You don’t know about Fiber Fest?  Poor You.  Here: DFW Fiber Fest)

Brenda is starting Driver education this week, we aren’t saying anything else.  Amy is working on classes, of course, and peyote triangles for a necklace.  And she’s going to the Society of North American Goldsmiths meeting next week.  How cool is that?

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