It’s Levi Strauss Day!!

Levi Strauss, the man credited with the invention of blue jeans, was born on February 26th, 1829. 

I’m sure he never anticipated “fat jeans” and “skinny jeans” and the notion that young women would lie on their beds using pliers to zip their jeans surely never crossed his mind.  I wear jeans (although not usually Levis actual brand) an average of 352 days a year.  So does Mary. 

So to honor the inventor of half our wardrobes, we have put discount coupons in a bag, and every customer that is wearing (or carrying)  jeans today gets to draw one.  They range from 10% off to 50% off, and can be used any time between February 27th (that’s tomorrow) and March 20th.

It’s not as much fun as Jello Shot day, but then what would be?

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