Stone and chain day!

Happy Wednesday!  Today we picked up the clasps at yesterday’s show that we forgot to get, then went on a Stone hunt.  We got some FANTASTIC aquamarine, emeralds, and probably the most beautiful blue and green sapphire leaves on the planet:

Sapphire leaves and other lovelies

  Sorry, photography isn’t great.  We forgot to buy a background paper, and by the time I got to start on this, we were just a bit too tired to agonize over it.

Anyway, see those up in the center, the loop?  Those are the leaves.  Surrounded by tourmaline, beer quartz and smoky quartz.  And the magnificent greens on the right?  Chrome dyposide.  Yeah, really cool.

And turquoise, both Chinese and American.  In fact, we got some wonderful Sleeping Beauty, Bisbee, and Campo Frio strands.  


And then we got some new chain, in gunmetal, brass, and even a lovely rose gold!  And some torched copper and brass clasps and jump rings. 

And Michell, we got some glass.  JUST A FEW!!  Only one bag, really.  That will be split between the two Artful Bead stores, so you CAN NOT break my legs.  Mary admitted that it was mostly her fault that we bought some.  (Note:  Whispering “we need new glass…  we need new really cool glass!” all night long really worked.  She woke up this morning thinking she had slept badly, but willing to buy Czech glass beads!)

And because one vendor we specifically want to see isn’t going to be here until Saturday, we have to stay one more day.  I never thought I would be glad the hotel I stayed at had a laundry center for guests.  Otherwise it could be unpleasant. 

Tomorrow we go back  again to the same show, we only got half of one tent done, and there are two tents.  We’d better manage to go faster this time.  And breakfast will be at the Rap-chef Waffle House, where the cook came out last year and sang us a rap about “Momma’s in the kitchen eatin’ Jenny Craig.  I’m at the Wuffle House ” something something something.  Sorry, bad memory, we were laughing so hard we didn’t hear it all.

2 comments on “Stone and chain day!

  • beth aka flute diva says:

    I am lovin’ that turquoise big time! It’s all so wunnerful!

    Can’t wait for new chain!

    I vote the Rappin’ Waffle man needs to go to American Idol 🙂 He could be as big with his “Jenny Craig/waffle” song as the “Pants On Da’Ground” song, I betcha 😉

    Anyhew, please keep these posts comin’! I hardly ever get to go anywhere, so with your great travel stories it makes me feel as if I’m there, too. Love it!


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