Flowers and clasps and lampwork

Wonderful resin flowers!  Great shapes, and colors, just look at a small sampling:

Lovely Resin Flowers
Lovely Resin Flowers

And we got some marvellous lampwork – like:

Amazing lampwork beads - ooooo
Amazing lampwork beads - ooo

And clasps like these:

Just a few of the new clasps
Just a few of the new clasps

And pendants made from fabric and beads like: 

Made with fabrics, ribbons, and beads
Made with fabrics, ribbons, and beads

And now it’s nearly 11, and we had sushi for dinner, and priced, and now Mary is watching something with ghosts and making fun of me.  harumph.

We’ve seen lots of old friends, like Ellie from Little Rock, and Tall Pam, and several vendors that we’ve known for years.  And now I have to log today’s purchases.
It rained tonight.  Rain, in Tucson.  Odd as heck.  More tomorrow.  

3 comments on “Flowers and clasps and lampwork

  • beth aka flute diva says:

    Fantastic pics! Keep the cool news coming. Hey, can y’all be on the lookout for silver or pewter little animal beads, or anything like that? Things that I can throw onto a necklace or whatever to keep it slightly querky? (I don’t know if that’s a real word or not, but I use it frequently)


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