Shut ‘er down, Clancy! She’s pumpin’ mud!!

I know, it makes no sense to anybody, but that’s been running through my head ever since I started trying to set up a FaceBook page for the store! 

I mean, REALLY!!  How can you tell what anything is doing in there?  I accidentally added personal friends (I didn’t even realize I had a personal page in it, and all of a sudden people are saying they will be my friends??  What if I click the wrong thing and accidentally adopt an orphan?  Or a puppy?)

The whole thing is totally horrifying.  And on top of it all, I’m going to have to ask Brenda and Amy to explain this over the phone.  And they’ll try to text me instructions and I’ll be trying to figure out what they mean and then Lucas will make fun of me!!!  AAAAKKKKK!!!!  Sorry, Mary says for me to breathe s l o w l y.   S  l  o  w  l  y…  OK.  I’m nearly all better.

So anyway, we’re getting ready to go to Tucson again, and we’re going to be blogging and tweeting and facepalming.  Oops, FaceBooking.  Face-palming is what I’ve been doing all afternoon.  So of you want to laugh at our total ineptness, and you are in the majority of the population that already has dealt with this, go on over to The Artful Bead in Carrollton on Facebook and be our fan!  Please???  I really feel awful about maybe adopting a puppy by accident.  (The cats Will Not Tolerate that kind of thing.)

1 comment on “Shut ‘er down, Clancy! She’s pumpin’ mud!!

  • beth aka flute diva says:

    I’m not into the facebook thing…BUT I would be willing, if you’re worried, to “rent” my dog/puppy to you so you can see what that’s like! He’s really good…unless he’s left unattended and gets bored. And then he eats things that aren’t dog food ! hahahahahahahahaha 🙂

    Can’t wait to see all the pretty things from Tuscon. That will be Great!


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