Online class signup will be unavailable for a bit

We’re moving our website to a new hosting company, and what with all the copying, testing, verifying, new certificates, credit card certification, and all that stuff, the easiest solution is to suspend online orders for a couple of days.

We’re really sorry, but you can still call the stores and sign up any time we’re open. 

The Fort Worth store’s phone number is 817-294-2903.

Carrollton’s is 972-242-8949.

We’ll get the catalog back up and running just as soon as we can.  (By “we” I mean the innernetnerds with me flapping my hands at odd intervals, saying “but….” while they ignore me and do their jobs.) 

Actually, we would like to express our EXTREME gratitude and appreciation to all of the fantastic programmers and support people at Want a Better Website.  They did a fabulous job on the initial design of the website, and have always been great with changes or solving problems or explaining things so we understand.    And never letting on when they were annoyed, which any sane person is at times, so they must’ve been.


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